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Complete Machine Remanufacturing

With our fully remanufactured machines, we completely strip every nut and bolt from the machine, do a full evaluation, bore and band and then reassemble using our time tested procedures. These remanufactures can be provided with a HP head or your standard revolving head.  We not only provide a machine that meets factory specifications but, in most cases, exceeds every factory specification. We, at Meagher Machine, are experienced in HP head retrofits!

Logan Clutch Installation and Repairs

Our team at Meagher Machine Industries is extremely knowledgeable on Logan Mechanical Installations.  We are fully capable of complete installations including electrical and pneumatic interface with your current machine configuration

Training & Consulting

At Meagher Machine we pride ourselves in understanding why we tighten every nut and bolt and are able to pass on this vast knowledge via training, in-house or at your facility. We are just a phone call away if you need assistance

Exchange Program

At MMI we always have machines on hand which we can remanufacture to your specifications.  This will allow you to continue producing product while your machine is being remanufactured.  Upon its completion, the remanufactured machine will be sent to you and then your machine will be sent back to us.  Thus the “Exchange Program”.  Terms and Conditions Apply

Chucker Conversions

Occasionally, it is required to convert your Model B Bar Machine into a Chucker. We have converted many machines and are very familiar with the conversion process.  Despite the fact that most of these specialized machines are slightly different, we are dedicated to achieving the end result that you expect.

Bore and Bands

Meagher Machine Industries has the capability of boring and banding using a Giddings & Lewis horizontal boring mill–bringing the machine back to its original specifications.  The machine bore is scraped for proper alignment and fit using a method it has taken years to develop. It provides longer bore life and accuracy.

Stopping Clutches Rebuilt

Meagher Machine has the capability of rebuilding Spindle Stopping Clutches that will develop a higher driving torque than any standard clutch on the market. We also offer rebuilt clutches with friction material bonded to the clutch cup which will, in most cases, eliminate the need for a stopping brake. The friction enhances the performance and allows for the capability of faster rpms. (There may some extreme cases where a spindle stopping brake is still necessary)

Reconditioned & Used Machines / Attachments

At MMI we have a number of good used machines and attachments sold as-is or reconditioned. Call for specifics.   (We are also interested in buying used attachments and machinery.)

Electrical Upgrades

The staff at Meagher Machine Industries is qualified to completely re-wire your davenport machine and bring it to current electrical specifications.  We are knowledgeable about the interface between logan clutches and bar loaders and your standard Davenport Machine.  We can also customize your system to fit your specific requirements

Major Casting Repairs

At Meagher Machine we have perfected the art of repairing damaged castings. We can t-sleeve holes to ensure perpendicularity. Major castings are bored and repaired on our boring mill to ensure proper hole location. Welding service is also available, depending on the severity of the brake. We also repair cam levers

Slides Scraped and Repaired

At Meagher Machine we scrape our slides over pins to ensure straightness and parallel travel when the slide is complete and installed in the machine. Using the process we’ve refined over many years, we have been able to drastically reduce the need for re-adjustments due to initial break in

Job Layout Including R&D

Meagher Machine Industries works with only the best Engineers in the Screw Machine Industry and they are skilled in laying out even the most difficult job.  Depending upon your specific request, the jobs can be laid out on the conservative side or on the more aggressive side.  Cam and tooling designs are also available as are job prove outs and R & D

On-Site Service

Our team is willing and able to come to your facility for maintenance, machine repair or troubleshooting if you need us. Just contact us at 585.464.8850

Fabrication & Automation

Our staff is experienced in design, construction and modification of any attachment required for a specific operation. We are also accomplished in automating, feeding, loading and unloading parts on your Davenport Model B or Davenport Chucker


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