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About Us

Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Bob Kruse. Many of you may know me as the author of Davenport’s Tech Tips or perhaps I’ve spoken with you in the past when you called the OEM for sales or service.

In 2009 I purchased Meagher Machine Industries from Charlie Meagher. MMI has been in business since 1986 serving the Davenport screw machine industry and has built a solid reputation for providing high quality service and product. I plan to carry on this legacy. I also have plans to enhance the efficiency and operation of the Davenports we service.

I have over 25 years hands-on experience with Davenport machine repairs, rebuilds and all related equipment and attachments. I was involved in the design of the Davenport HP Head and invented the Needle Bearing Tool Arm Stud.

It has always been my mindset to look for opportunities to improve upon what others take for granted. Therefore, it is my pledge to you that here at Meagher Machine Industries it is not just business as usual.We will continue to provide you with the product you desire in a timely manner and at a fair price.