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Machine Remanufacture Process

  1. The machine is completely disassembled, all the castings are cleaned, inspected, repainted with one coat of primer and one coat of high gloss enamel. Any casting found to be defective or worn out will be repaired, if possible.
  2. Machine bed will be bored and banded and scraped to a precision fit. Our scraping process is one way in which we stand out from the crowd.
  3. Next in the process is the installation of the lubrication system. The system is slightly modified to enhance lubrication, and oil lines are routed specifically with the repairman and set-up man in mind.
  4. At this point the lower half of the machine is built and gearing is run in
  5. Revolving head installation and alignment
  6. From this point the top end is completed and the entire machine is run in to ensure proper operation.
  7. A turn test is performed, the tool post stop is adjusted and the machine is prepped to ship.
  8. The final step is to safely crate the machine so it can be shipped to your facility.


For a more in depth description of our rebuild process, please contact Meagher Machine Industries at 585-464-8850.

We would be happy to explain what separates us from everyone else.